We all want clear and concise pricing without any hidden costs, fees, or fine print and that is our promise here at LAUGHING LLAMA.

We make that possible by offering pricing that has NO additional costs. Which means when you receive a quote from us the price per garment includes everything! You say…NO WAY! This isn’t normal. There has to be additional fees. What about set up fees? None. What about shipping fees? None. We offer free standard shipping with every custom order. Ah…Ok…what about a design fee? Most companies charge even if you provide your own art! Well, at LAUGHING LLAMA we think that is silly and will not charge you if you provide the art that we need to print your designs. 

Our goal is to cut out all the fluff and get to what’s really important…Saving your wallet. Well, at least the green in your wallet. 

We made the process simple because life is complicated enough.

When it comes to pricing your quote, there are five things we consider:
1.  Quantity
2.  Garment Style
3.  Color
4.  Ink Colors on Front/Back
5. Printing Method

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to save money, limiting your ink colors, increasing your order quantity, or selecting a different garment style may lower your cost pretty significantly.


Everyone loves having merch! Whether it’s a one time event, birthday party, a company or local restaurant…nothing beats being able to offer your supporters some soft swag. What about a fundraiser? Or maybe you are a small startup company and you want to start making some money selling your product designs, but don’t have the money or time to produce everything. That is why we started our Print on Demand service!

Here is how it works…and it’s pretty simple!



If you click the link below you can create your free account, name your store, and begin uploading your designs and choosing your garments. You can even edit the store like a regular website so that you can brand it however you want. 

Click on the link here and then scroll down and click ” Create your own Store”




Is there a cost to you? NO. Currently all of our merch stores are FREE. There are no monthly upkeep costs either. We handle All the taxes and business license etc as we collect the payments from those that order from your store.



Once your store is finished you can embed the link to your website and begin getting the word out. You can even make this page a subdomain and connect it to your actual website! Super cool! And don’t worry…if you don’t know how to do this there is a how to on your website stores dashboard. Once people start ordering we will then begin your 10 day pre ordering period. This is the only time your orders for the store will be a preorder. This just enables us to stock up for your store depending on the garments you chose etc. Once this period is finished we will print and ship directly to your customers. Then all orders after that will be a 72 hour or less turnaround. If one of the products you chose for your store is out of stock in the warehouse then we will contact you to see if you want to wait for it to go back into stock or send a comparable item in its place. 



Can you make money off your store? YES! You don’t have to, but you can! You will learn how in the video you’ll find on signing up, but the short story is you can add commissions to the items in your store. At the end of the month we will deposit your commissions into your paypal. You can track what items have sold as well in your dashboard. All of this info is explained in the video as well. 

If you have any other questions we would love to answer them here! You can start the process by creating your store at anytime. Just use the link above.  

If at anytime you need some help setting up your store we can do that as well for a fee of $100.



We are proudly headquartered in Parker, CO, but we print and ship from several other locations nationwide to ensure your order gets to you on time, every time. That’s our main priority.



No! We proudly work with everyone from single individuals and mom-and-pop shops, to some of the world’s biggest and best companies, organizations, and groups.

Whether you’re looking for 1 garment or 100,000, we’re happy to help and have the equipment and the experience to print any garment amount.